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Most traditional traction device come with traction up to 1,500 grams, though up to 2,800 is known Male Edge. Visitors from the United Kingdom and Australia, please select your country on the top of this page or click on the corresponding links in this paragraph. The buckle, with which you can adjust the length of the belt individually and adapter on the belt, which is connected to the suction bell. You can also wear Phallosan without fear of embarrassment due to a unique attachment feature which prevents it from becoming unfastened and falling out of your clothes. I decided to test the Phallosan Forte while doing some typical everyday tasks. In addition, the micro-vacuum will firmly hold penises which have curvature and those that are small. Understandably, the self-esteem suffers and it is difficult to deal with in a partnership. It also makes it easier to roll it down the penis, the same way as you would apply traditional condom.

Using the same logic, the penis can also be extended slowly by gentle stretching. How Does Phallosan Work? The pumping device applies a slow pulling to the penis while it is secured with the orthopedic belt. With the continuous gentle stretches, results can be achieved over a period of time. Pros of Phallosan Can be worn comfortably day and night A variety of sizes are available Barely noticeable Some users may have allergic reactions to the materials used Is Phallosan Safe To Use? Yes, this penis extender is safe to use. It can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Since it is able to accommodate all sizes, then you dont have to worry about ill fitting pumps. The material is also made from non-allergenic materials so unless your skin is really sensitive, there should be no problem. Clinical Studies A study was created by a German urological clinic in 2005. It included diverse patients from ages 20- 68 years old who had problems with their penis.

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Description: the belt is made of non-allergenic formaldehyde free material. With Phallosan you can wear it for even longer than that. The bottom section of the Phallosan extender stretches to accommodate the natural erections your body is likely to experience during the night. Nor does it interfere too much with your normal movements. Simple to put on in a matter of seconds Comfortable to wear under your clothes Discreet: designed to be invisible and unobtrusive Allows you to perform all regular activities Can be worn comfortably for up to 12 hours Phallosan is Backed by Clinical Studies Using the Phallosan, a six-month medical study was performed by Dr. The cause of erectile dysfunction varies from mental conditions to physical problems. Visitors from the United Kingdom and Australia, please select your country on the top of this page or click on the corresponding links in this paragraph. I'm satisfied with the claims that you can safely wear your Phallosan while sleeping. Phallosan Features and Benefits Ability to accommodate penises of all sizes Comfortable and effective construction Can be worn in public discreetly Tension gauge and suction pump Made from allergen-free materials Design which allows for overnight wear Can be easily worn for 12 hours consecutively The belt is the part of the extender which adds tension to your penis. It arrives in very discreet packaging.