Something Borrowed Is Directed By Luke Greenfield Who Made Something Surprisingly Watchable Out Of The Girl Next Door.

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You know the kind. The sort where the entire movie wouldnt exist if the protagonist would just say what they actually feel instead of being too shy/scared/stupid/insecure. Such is the case with Something Borrowed , which has a new trailer that telegraphs the entire movie in every annoying detail. The film stars John Krasinski, Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin and tells the story about a Manhattan attorney (Goodwin) who becomes involved with her best friends (Hudson) fiance (Colin Egglesfield); a man she had a crush on but couldnt close the deal with. No surprise that the film is based on a fairly soap-opera/chick-lit novel written by Emily Giffin who specializes in this particular strain of lukewarm fare. Something Borrowed is directed by Luke Greenfield who made something surprisingly watchable out of The Girl Next Door. Guess he couldnt work his magic here. The film opens on May 6th. Trailer below.

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